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Apple Headlines
Apple Announces Highest Q4 Earnings in 9 Years

MacNN reports on Apples Q4 financial results. Apple Earned $106M or $0.22 per diluted share. This was above the estimated $0.18 per diluted share predicted. The increased earnings are mainly attributed to a 500% increase in iPod sales over Q4 of 2003. as well as an all around increase in portables and desktop CPU sales.

Recent Headline
20040927 - iMac G5 - Elegant, Powerful and Surprisingly Affordable

Apple Rumors
iPod A/V, Tiger and New iBooks

MacGadget.de is reporting that Apple may update the iBooks this Tuesday. While my sources are saying that the iBooks and PowerBooks will be updated soon, they have not heard a specific date. They could also not rule out a Tuesday release.

Apple traditionally releases updates on Tuesdays to maximize press time. It would not be a stretch to beleive that Apple is going to release the new iBooks in line with the opening of the EDUCAUSE Conference in Denver Colorado, October 19th.

A number of sites have reported that Amazon.com has "let the cat out of the bag" on the release date of Tiger. Amazon reported a release date of March 31, 2005 for Apple's Latest OS but has since relisted the OS as discontinued.

iPod A/V
As I reported in June of 2004, Apple appears to be readying the iPod A/V for launch. Many rumor sites have picked up this story and are reporting that it will be compatible with iPhoto for users to carry their photo libraries in their iPod. My sources still contend that the iPod A/V is being designed to allow users to download full length Music Videos and hopefully feature length films for viewing on the 2" color LCD or through the A/V ports on a Television.

Recent Headline
20041012 - OS X 10.3.6 Soon

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G5 Update, New iMacs and New iPods

Rumor mills have been turning with speculation on new Macs. My own sources have confirmed the the internal Apple message boards have been teeming with rumors of new G5's expected to go above the expected 3.0 Ghz mark and new iMacs with a G5 processor and possibly a new form factor. Further sources have been citing files found in the last release of Panther (OS X 10.3.4) that have refered to support for a PowerMac 7,2 model and PowerMac 8,1 model. The former related to the G5 PowerMac Line and the latter most likely referring to an iMac G5 or other consumer based machine. My sources inside point out that apple uses even numbers in the 'PowerMac x,1' to represent consumer lines and odd for the pro machines.

Also sources have been pointing out the new iPod/AV. Due in September, the new iPod will come with a 60GB Hard Drive and have video capabilities. Apple is apparently going to begin selling music videos and eventually feature length films via the iTunes store using pixlet technology for encoding allowing a user to take up to 50 of his favorite movies along with him. The iPod/AV will come with an RCA and S-Video Adapter to plug into any video input sourc for viewing movies And the built in color screen will give the user the ability to preview movies right on his ipod.

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