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Apple Headlines
Apple Announces Highest Q4 Earnings in 9 Years

MacNN reports on Apples Q4 financial results. Apple Earned $106M or $0.22 per diluted share. This was above the estimated $0.18 per diluted share predicted. The increased earnings are mainly attributed to a 500% increase in iPod sales over Q4 of 2003. as well as an all around increase in portables and desktop CPU sales.

Recent Headline
20040927 - iMac G5 - Elegant, Powerful and Surprisingly Affordable

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Apple Rumors
iPod A/V, Tiger and New iBooks

MacGadget.de is reporting that Apple may update the iBooks this Tuesday. While my sources are saying that the iBooks and PowerBooks will be updated soon, they have not heard a specific date. They could also not rule out a Tuesday release.

Apple traditionally releases updates on Tuesdays to maximize press time. It would not be a stretch to beleive that Apple is going to release the new iBooks in line with the opening of the EDUCAUSE Conference in Denver Colorado, October 19th.

A number of sites have reported that Amazon.com has "let the cat out of the bag" on the release date of Tiger. Amazon reported a release date of March 31, 2005 for Apple's Latest OS but has since relisted the OS as discontinued.

iPod A/V
As I reported in June of 2004, Apple appears to be readying the iPod A/V for launch. Many rumor sites have picked up this story and are reporting that it will be compatible with iPhoto for users to carry their photo libraries in their iPod. My sources still contend that the iPod A/V is being designed to allow users to download full length Music Videos and hopefully feature length films for viewing on the 2" color LCD or through the A/V ports on a Television.

Recent Headline
20041012 - OS X 10.3.6 Soon

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New From mrwSoftware.com
New Software in the Works

While PowerPop has not seen an update in some time, I have not given up on its development. It is being completely recoded to get rid of the bugs that have been popping up (excuse the pun). I am working to recode the many work-arounds that have appeared in my software and to fix some of the issues that are preventing me from making it Windows compatable. This means that it will hopefully soon be complete cross-platform.

I am also working on some new titles so keep an eye on my site for some updates. For those of you that are wondering - Yes I am going to finally release some Windows titles.

I know I have been promising releases of some of my other software that I have created over the years for my own use... still working on that one. Much clean-up needs to be done (UI, Code, Bug fixes, etc) as most of them were never intended for release.

I am always looking for a lead story or rumor. If you think you have one or just want to comment on the site and products go to here. I review story and rumor submissions regularly.

For Support or product information you can e-mail me at [email protected] or visit our Support Forums.

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